Friday, April 10, 2009

Chocolate peanut butter cups....

No, not Reese's peanut butter cups, but I like those. Don't get me wrong. But I am talking about Walmart's Great Value brand, chocolate peanut butter cups. They are so yummy. You must get a bag of them and try them, to judge for yourself. I love to put them in the fridge and let them cold, and eat one or two at a time. They're yummy.

But my favorite thing to do, is put them in the fridge, let them cold, take them out, cut them in half(cutting from side to side), and put them in the freezer. Cook your peanut butter cookies, remove them from the oven before they get 100% done, let them cool for a couple of minutes, and then take the cut up pb cups from the freezer and put one, in the top of each cookie! You can also do with this with peanut butter cupcake(just cookie dough, in cupcake holders, about 2/3 full) and use a whole pb cup. You can google photos of the finished product, they're everywhere.

However, I was telling my good friend Monica about them, and how she should try them. But when I went to google for a photo of them, not ONE showed up, I googled every combination I coud think of. I am sure, someone, somewhere, has posted a photo, but I couldn't locate it. So... I bought myself a bag and took my own photo. This way, when I tell someone they should get a bag and try them, I can show them a photo of what to look for! They're in expensive, I like $2 for the bag. You can find them in the candy section at Walmart, alot of the times, on the bottom shelf.

Here is a photo.. so you can look for them next time you're at Walmart!



  1. That sounds so yummy! I will have to try that.

  2. Just so you know....I have been thinking about these since you posted it. So I finally broke down and bought the PB Cups from Walmart today. I will be making them today or Tuesday.