Monday, October 12, 2009

Duck decoys...

Well, I guess my husband is officially a duck hunter now, he's gotten his dozen of duck decoys. OMG. Just another item to sit in the way, a dozen of them! He's crazy but I love him! Hopefully he'll get some duck and deer this year.


I got to play with my horse today, she's beautiful.... Misty is her name. She's only three yrs old and isn't broke too well. She's very skiddish and is going to take some working with, but I think she's going to be worth it.

I am enjoying being at home with family and friends, but it's exausting. We do alot of running around and staying busy. Even though I enjoy being here, it was a long exhausting drive, and I miss being at home with Brent and in my quite house. Love ya Brent!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Legitament work from home....

Did I spell that right? Legitament, maybe or maybe not. I'm not sure. Anyways, my best friend Monica Jo, has gotten me started on these paid for emails and survey sites. She a member of several of them, her and along with a few others that I know, can vouch that these are legit. Now, like I said in a previous blog, it does not add up very fast, and seems to take what feels like forever to get anything from them, but... yes, there is a but. Wouldn't you like to be earning enough after awhile of doing it, to cash out, for a small check, or deposit, or even a gift card, every 5-6 weeks. Ofcourse it takes time to lead up to that, but how nice would that be, to treat yourself to dinner or a new outfit or a gift for someone else. You should check these sites out. I'm actually enjoying doing them in my spare time. It only takes a few minutes a day. Have fun :)

Snap Dollars

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(you may have to copy and paste into your browswer)

My favorites:
Inbox Dollars

Send Earnings

Do you shop online? Do you buy from Victoria's Secret, Walmart online, Ritz Camera, there are lots of choices. If you buy products online, you should check out MyPoints. It's a great place to earn extra points for the stuff you're gonna buy anyways. You open an account up on MyPoints, using my link, it help us both out that way. You download their toolbar and you get points each month for using their toolbar to do searches, if you go to the MyPoints home page and find a merchant that does business with them, such as Walmart, for example, then click on their link, you get so many points PER dollar you spend. You can even get points for buying on ebay. Now, when you build up enough points, then you cash them in for gift cards, there are soooooo many places you can get gift cards for, my best friend just cashed in for some Lowe's gift cards. It's a great thing to earn something back, for something you're gonna buy anyways, isn't it? So why not check it out? It's free and you can only gain from it. I only get five referrals a month, so please, let me know if you want one, give me your address and I'll send one as soon as I have one available. Might as well use a referral, it helps us both out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's been a while....

Wow.. it's been over a month since I've wrote anything. There isn't anything new going on here. Other than it's hunting season and that is keeping my husband pretty occupied. I've been playing co-ed softball for a team in Norfolk, Va. I am enjoying it, I am out of shape and out of practice, but it's been so much fun. Our game last night was cancelled due to the rain. I was bummed, but that is part of it.

I have recently picked up doing some "Paid Emails" and "Paid Surveys". It's interesting, that is for sure. It will take along time to earn anything worth cashing in, but if you're interested, give me your email address and I'll send you a referral. It's totally legit, I know someone whose been doing it for a while. Like I said, it takes a while to earn enough to cash in, but hey, if you're sitting at home with the kids, or just bored late at night, what does it hurt, to open an email, click to confirm, and close out. And earn 2 cents. I don't get but a few a day, but I'm working my way up.

There is also another website I have joined. If you do ALOT of shopping or booking hotels online, this is the perfect place for you. You can earn points for shopping on or almost any other site you can think of, you get points for downloading their toolbar and using it for a search bar. Over time, you can cash in for gift cards! It's great. If you're interested, let me know and I can send you a referral. We only get five a month to hand out, but if I don't have one, my best friend, partner in crime. Monica Jo might have one extra for you. Let me know, and I'll send one your way! It's free and totally legit. I wish I had known about this along time ago, I could have gotten points for buying my sisters $200 car seat/stroller combo from and for a $200 saddle I bought on ebay. That would have been awesome! But I'm working on it now! LoL.

Please, if you looking to earn a few dollars, give me your email addresses and I'll send them your way. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is my husbands, Brent's, 11th year Anniversary for being in the Navy!!!! Congratulations on him making it this long and only 9 more years to go!!!
Love ya!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another let down...

Well, we found out today, that Brent did NOT get the Tennessee job. (Navy)
So that is another strike, not in our favor. And because he didn't get this billet, he is now going to miss out on more than just that. He had to pull his Officer package from the process, in order to even put a package in for this job. So there will be NO chance he will get Officer this year. That is a big bummer. We were hoping to get the job, so we would be only three hours from family, rather than fourteen hours. We were hoping to get to ride horses a couple of times a month, go camping thru the summer and fishing with family. But seems like, it will be just us two, for awhile. When it's time to pick orders, there isn't going to be anything remotely as close as the Tennessee job. We don't get to pick any more orders till January, and there are way too many variables, on what could be beneficial or what would be a waste of time. Each option we can think of, has it pros and cons, like any other thing. But it seems like the pros and cons are so far off, there isn't any balance. What to do...? We're not sure.... only time will tell. So, I guess it's "Hurry up and wait!" time again...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a bit sore...

Wow, we had softball practice last night, I went pretty much full strength, from about 5:45-8:00. I was tired but not too bad. I am feeling it this morning. Oh my gosh, haha... my neck and my back are really tight, especially when I get still for too long. My legs and arms aren't too bad, surprisingly, just my neck/back. I have issues with my back/neck alot, but I had alot of fun! We have games Friday night, back to back, we really need more practice, but we'll be okay. I'm excited.

I met two other Navy wives, and there was alot of people. I was afraid of being nervous and meeting new people and having to deal with the long drive. But it was great, better than I was imagining, for sure. And I am happy to know I'm not the worse one on the team! Yay, that makes me feel better... haha...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

It is my mother/father in law's 33rd Wedding Anniversary!!! Wow.... 33 great years, I hope they have many more!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just can't do it...

Well, I did really well Monday, got on the treadmill and did a mile in the morning and a mile in the afternoon. And Tuesday I got on there and did a mile and did a 3 mile bike ride. Wednesday I managed to get in a mile walk on the treadmill, but that is it, it was raining Wednesday afternoon. It's Thursday and I'm feeling really lazy today. So I am taking a break. We're suppose to have softball practice tomorrow night, but I'm sure with all the rain it'll be cancelled.... I'm so out of shape and out of practice, but can't wait to play!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bub is gone....

Well, my little brother is gone to boot camp. He left Sunday afternoon and got there a little after 11 pm last night. It's crazy. He signed up a year ago and his boot camp got delayed for his own stupid behavior/mistakes, but he's gone now. At last, he's on his way to being a better person and doing some great with his life. He is in Kentucky Army National Guard, and we're hoping he does okay and makes it thru boot camp. We all know he is strong enough, we just wish im the best luck and hope he does well.

I am use to him calling me like ten times a day, so this will be an adjustment for all of us, haha.... I just can't wait for his graduation in October, that will mean it completed it and made it thru and will be going to AIT school, and it means I get to go home and see my new horse, my mom's new horse, and hopefully get to work with mine a little bit.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Burley passed away...

I had a colt, named Burley, my mom rescued a few months ago, well, maybe more like 6 months ago. He was sick and very poor when we got him and we did our best to feed him and worm him and get him back to health, he was showing some promising progress for a while. We just knew he was going to make it and come out of this and be a great horse. Between all the rain and the dramatic heat and humidity, I guess it just all got to him. He was young, but had a great personality.

RIP Burley


Friday, July 31, 2009

He didn't get it...

Yeh, you heard me right. Brent didn't get Chief this year. Hopefully next year, I was more disappointed for him, I think than he was. Though he was upset over it, with everything he does for work, and for his men, and his early EP evaluation, he just doesn't understand what more he could do, to get chosen. It's just crazy. Anyways, maybe next year he'll get it! We're still waiting on to hear about the Tennessee job. Maybe we still have a chance for that....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Sister, My Brother and I

Growing up, my sister and my brother, depsite our differences, still loved one another. I miss being younger and not having a worry in the world. I grew up very fast, with my parents going through a divorce and me helping raise my brother, I was grown at 12 or 13 yrs old. I am not complaining. It taught me alot and made me appreciate more than what most 13 yrs old do. I tend to go to go memory lane alot, and wanted to share some photos. These are a couple of my favorite photos, some of the very FEW we have together.

Back when I was 17 or 18 yrs old.....(around 1997-1998?)


And this one was taken a few years ago.... (summer 2007?)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's hot...

Wow, the sun was out all day, and it looked great out there, but the humid was terrible. It was so high you just really couldn't be comfortable out there. It got cloudy, and cooled down some, so we got in our walking shoes and headed out the door. We did a 30 minute walk, with Brent jogging out in front of me, and coming back to finish the walk with me. Man... 30 minutes and I came in sweating, from everywhere. Goodness it's hot. If my knee wasn't killing me I would have pushed myself even further. But I'm doing this to feel better and get my weight under control before I blow up like a whale. It's been really hard to keep it under control.

I've started the whole not eating after nine thing, no caffiene after nine, and I can't say that is helping, but it definitely isn't hurting me any. So it's a good start. I've been doing that for almost 3 or 4 weeks now. So.. now it's time to implement(spelling?) a bit more in to my stradegy. So I started last week getting back on the wii fit. I did it three days last week, doing the steps. This week we've started walking. I want to do 30 minutes of walking three times a week and fit in my wii fit. Eventually when I get use to that, I will fit in more walking time, maybe after cools down fit in some bike riding. I want to work my way up, not kill myself straight out of the gate.

I'm hoping I can get motivated and stay motivated and actually make something happen. If I can just lose a few pounds here and there, and half get it under control, maybe it will help our chances or starting a family. I've not been told that it was a concern, my weight that is, but I just want to give it a shot. Just to keep it under control, more than anything. I have a goal of losing 16 pounds by September 1st, I dont' think it will happen, that is a high goal, but I will settle for a few pounds off...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ky Army National Guard

Well, my brother joined the Ky Army National Guard right at a year ago. He completed some schooling and got his GED and thankfully is finally getting to leave for boot camp. After alot of trouble and time, he's finally been given a date. He leaves soon, and will go thru boot camp and AIT, then will probably be doing some training with this group just in time to be deployed. He isn't sure yet, if he's going to get deployed, we'll know more later. He is doing boot camp in Ft. Leonardwood, MO. I plan on attending boot camp graduation tho Brent won't be able to make it. I plan on being there. Hopefully this will help him mature and do something with his life, rather than waste it away in "No Where, Kentucky". I'm just so happy he's finally going to get to do what he signed up for a year ago!

Keep him in your thoughts or prayers, which ever you believe. I just hope he does great and if he is deployed, that is makes it home safely!

On another note, we should know in a week or so, if Brent got Chief or not. I can't wait to find out, I hope this is his year! So much could open up for us this year, if he picks it up! Keep your fingers crossed... if he doesn't, it's not the end of the world, we'll be okay, but I'm hoping he gets it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Officially 19 months now...

Yeh, you read that correctly. It's officially been 19 months now, that Brent and I have been TTC'ing. I could probably count the months, before the first deployment, and the months, between the first and second deployment. But I won't. That would only add up more months, and make it even more depressing. But, officially, it's been 19 months now. He's has his check ups, and everything is okay with him. I've had my check ups, and I've been told, there really doesn't seem to be an answer on why we've not gotten pregnant yet. I show no signs of cysts, no signs of any scar tissues from any infections, what so ever. I have healthy, normal ovaries, and great egg supply. So there just isn't any reasons for it to not be happening.

It's just a bit discouraging. Alot of people say it will happen when it will happen. To stop stressing over it. But I've done research, and thinking and worrying about getting pregnant, has nothing to do with not getting pregnant. So it's okay for me to think about it and wonder and just question why. I try not to, but when others around me are having babies, and getting pregnant. It's a bit hurtful. As joyous as those moments are, it's painful too. I can't wait till we can start our own family.

What bothers me the most I think, is that everything is normal and regular, and yet there is no answers, and it's just not happening. I know in time, we will get to start a family. It just depends on how and when. Do we wait and see if it happens soon, or do we wait and hope it happens, and it not happen for another 18 months or more. Or do we take the next step? What is the next step? There is IUI, IVF(both of which are invasive and fairly expensive) or adoption. There are many choices, and just figuring out which one is best, is the hard part. But right now, we're just at a stand still. We're at a point of it's not happening, but what do we do next. I want to wait and let it happen naturally, but it doesnt' seem to be happening that way, so I don't know. Anyways, I just wanted to let it all out and get it off my chest. I have tried to talk about it, with others, but it's hard or they don't have time, or they have their own issues. So, it is just nice to get it off my chest.

Please keep us in your prayers, or just think about us, and make some wishes. Which ever are your beliefs. We appreciate anything that come our way.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black & white...

It's hard to get floral shots, that look good in black & white. Once in a while I get a shot that I like. I really need to get new flowers in my flower beds. Haha...


Here is another 'in color' shot.


Hopefully I will discover new things to photograph. The owner of the field next to us, come thru and cut down all his weeds, up next to the road, cleaning off the property line. That is where I got all of my berry, thorn, and odd bug shots. All of that is gone now. And we seem to have a 6 foot pet that likes to slither around and he's chased me a time or two and quite frankly, I don't care anything for him. We normally just see it in April/May time frame, once and that is it. But we see him a couple of times a week now. And I just don't like it. So needless to say, I don't walk around laying on the ground and taking photos anymore. I kind of stick close to the house. So.. for now, it's yellow floral shots. Haha..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little fresh air...

Today, Brent came home from work and was outside working on the Jetta. He's in the process of changing the transmission fluid and filter. He's hoping that will straighten out the shifting problem we're having with it. Anyways, I stayed cooped up in the house all day, when I'm alone. One, it's too hot to go outside in the middle of the day, when we have no shade, and two, I just don't like going outside and walking around by myself. It's just boring. But while Brent was working on the car today, I got my camera out, and walked around taking photos. I took a good 100 photos, and only liked a couple of them, and still not 100% satisfied, but they work.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Today was Michael Jackson's Memorial, at Staples Center. I know, everyone is getting a little tired of hearing this and hearing that, and that there are more people in the world that are deserving of a wonderful memorial. We have men and woman fighting for our country, that don't get recognized enough, and we have their so's and loved ones, that don't get enough credit. But with all that said, it's still gotta be said, Micheal Jackson, will be missed.

I grew up as a child, listening to him. I can remember being only a few years old and doing the moonwalk, across the concrete floor in my granny's cinder block house. I remember growing up, and being in middle school and dancing to "Beat it" with a broom. Needless to say, I was suppose to be cleaning house, not dancing around with a broom. I ended up breaking a light fixture. Scared I might get into trouble when my dad got home, I swapped my 'just fine' light fixture from my bedroom, with the 'broken shattered' one from the living room. I just knew, my dad would never notice. Well.. I was wrong.. I think it took a day or two, but he ended up figuring it out. He got onto me, but I didn't get into too much trouble. Surprisingly. Thankfully. There were times, when one of my friends would have a birthday slumber party, and we would do a "Thriller" night. We always had to watch Thriller. I have alot of good memories.

Michael's music is some of my favorite. I can admit, that growing up, and even now.. (yes I have some of his music), if no one is watching, and I'm feeling down, his music will lift me up and get me to dancing. So. With all that said, I was a bit upset to hear he had passed away. Life is life, people are going to pass, it's sad, but it's life. But he's the KING. (king of pop). But he's not ever suppose to die, he's suppose to live forever, and I think with his music, he will. He will always have a special place in my heart.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

(photo found:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Up too early...

Yes, it's 8:45 am, and I am up way too early. I've been up since about 6:30. Haha... I know, I know, alot of you do earlier than that, and trust me, I have in my past, I use to do alot of overtime working, and such. But not working, I normally get to sleep in. A little bit anyways. Well, Brent woke up late for work this morning, after I attempted to get him up twice and he didn't get up, he woke up late, so I drove him to work so he wouldn't have to deal with parking and riding a van, which would take even longer. We got there, 30 minutes before he had to be there, and wouldn't you know it, he didn't have his badge. So, we drove all the way home. And I am still not quite awake. What a morning. LoL.

I know most of you have more adventure than that, day in and day out, but honestly our lives are calm, pretty drama free. So anyways, I am just blogging to be blogging. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!!! I know back home in KY it rained and stormed pretty severly, but here it didn't do anything. But I hope everyone made the best of it!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July...

Happy 4th of July to everyone. I hope you're all doing something, sitting by the pool, BBQ'ing, going out to see the fireworks, or just staying in with the family. We went out to see Transformers 2 and stopped for Mexican on the way home, today it's working day. Well, Brent is working on the garden. Getting it tilled and cleaned up and watered. It needed it. I am thinking about getting out in the pool today. He wants to go fishing, but I don't know. I think I might pass on it today and just be plain lazy. Float around the pool for a couple of hours. Maybe go fishing later... I don't know.

My family is up in Oklahoma, visiting my sister. They had the baby for a couple of weeks and drove her home, and are visiting for the holiday weekend. I am glad my sister gets to family, tho I wish they were here instead. Haha..

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great family get together!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dog days summer...

Did I get that saying right? Anyways, our dog Caiti, does absolutely nothing but lie around all day and night. I guess she gets that from me, which isn't good, for either of us. She's so spoiled...


Monday, June 29, 2009


Finally, for the first time this summer, I've taken my camera out and ventured around the yard, well, not quite 'around' the yard. But I did make it to my front my flower bed. I have lots of these and day lilies out there. So as I do every summer, I took some photos of them. These are my favorite from today, but not my favorite to date....


This is what I get from boredom. Haha... a trip around the yard, maybe I'll get out there again this week and get more photos.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, as you know from an earlier blog, that we went home to KY and went camping for four days of it. I did not get one, NOT ONE bug bite the entire time. We walk around our yard here at home, in VA and stake up tomato plants and guess what? Yeah, you guessed right, probably, I have about 30 bites on each leg. And they itch like crazy! Goodness!!!!

We mowed and weed eaded the yard today, and then we headed out to go fishing. We fished a good 5 hours in the river, up and back down, and then we anchored out. Brent caught a few, small teeny tiny ones, that were NOT keepers, so we tossed them back and well, I didn't catch one thing. I did get a few bites(other than skeeter bites), just didn't hook anything. Bummer...

Friday night fun...

Oh my goodness, it's Friday night, I'm sitting here watching Grease 2, and he's in there playing on the PS2. Normally we might go out to eat one night, on the weekend, but not tonight. No one is online, and no one has called, I am entirely way too bored. Haha.. OMG.

I have been editing other people's photos, with their permission of course, and here is one.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still in waiting...

We are still waiting to hear about a couple of things, and I hope we get a great answer on both. Brent is still waiting to hear back on the military job in TN, but he thinks they're waiting to see if he makes Chief. Brent making Chief, is the second thing we're waiting on. I really hope he makes Chief. It will be good for him and his career in the Navy, tho... I am really hoping for the TN job to come thru. They may be waiting to see if he gets Chief, before telling him if he gets it or not. The TN job, would put us being three years at the most, but it would be three years, being only three hours from family! So, it's worth the move. I just hope we get it. It's a toss up, but he's got a great chance of getting it.... so, we are still in waiting. We should hear something about both things, by the end of July, or the next month.

The TN job, would be great for his career, it will open alot of doors in the future, and it's worth waiting for, but goodness, I hate to wait. I hate not knowing. I can't wait till we find out. Please keep us in your thoughts, and hopefully we'll get it.

Plus, we're still TTC, going on over a year and a half, officially. And nothing. So, keep us in your thoughts and wishes. I hope we get to start a family soon. If I could rub on some fertility statues, I would. Haha... ugh. Anyways, I was just on updating, while I am waiting for supper to cook. Meatloaf, cabbage, and maybe some fried green tomatoes. Yummy...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Editing fun...

As you already know, I was the photographer for my friends wedding. I enjoyed myself, and got some good shots, I just got around to playing with some of them, for further editing. Here is a couple that I got done, I really love...


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, after spending 12 days traveling to Kentucky and camping, fishing, fish fry, a wedding, baseball games, and just plain visiting, and then a trip back to Virginia, I am exhausted. I started doing some laundry yesterday, and we ran to Walmart to get some groceries. But I think I'm gonna veg for a couple of days. I will do my usual showering, cooking, and such, but I think I will wait about major house cleaning for a few days. We need a vacation from vacation. Haha...

We had so much fun, saw as much family as we could. We didn't get to ride horses but once, we stayed so busy, but we managed to find enough time to put Alyssa, our niece, on my baby horse "Burley", he's not but about a year old, and he's kind of puney, we're working on that, but for an unbroke horse, he didn't mind her being up there. She's not the first one on him, but one of the few.


We might make a cowgirl out of her someday, but she's got a long way to go, haha....

Brent went back to work today, he didn't want to, but he did. He called me today and said he was hearing some good news about the detailer job in TN. I am not getting my hopes up, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!! Anyways, we're still in waiting, on hearing about that and whether he made Chief or not. We should know both by the end of July.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stephanie & Banyan, wedding bliss....

A week ago from today, I went to one of my best friends wedding. Stephanie and Banyan, have been dating for a long time. They finally got married, June 6th, 2009. It was a very simple wedding, but turned out great. She had alot of family there and I volunteered my photography skills, as a gift to her. I think for my first wedding, considering, I do mostly nature shots, I did a great job. I am impressed with my own work. She looked beautiful too.... here are a few photos.

The next two below, are probably my favorite.





I have many more photos on my photography myspace page. Check them out!!!!!

Congratulations Stephanie & Banyan!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Traveling wish 101.....

You know the saying, the traveling knome, traveling wish #101, camping at Sugar Bay. Haha... yes, that was the text message I sent a friend, trying to convince her to come camping with us. We were there and had our tent popped up and ready for a weekend of fun. I am so glad we planned the camping trip. We camped at Sugar Bay, in LBL. (Land Between the Lakes) It was so much fun!!!!!!!

We had so many people to show up! It was a great turn out, not everyone camped, but some camped, some/all fished, some swam, and we had a fish fry that Sunday. From what I can remember, we had 30 something people, between everything. (Brent, myself, my mother, Donnie, Bubba, Monica(her Trent made an appearance), Steven, Lathan, Neita, Rexie, Caleb, Alyssa, Cameron, Amanda, Justin, Papa, Uncle, Christopher, Meemaw, Carolyn, Blake, Josh, Kim, Toshia, Devin, Adam, Leslie, Danny, their two girls, Terri, James, Kaylie(sp?), Bubba's friend Trent, Bobby, Steven, and I'm sure I'm leaving some out.

I am not going to even try to post all of the photos, but here is a picture of some of them swimming. It was beautiful all weekend, so the kids were enjoying playing in the water, this isn't half of the kids that were out there, at one point. But it's a beautiful shot.

Justin, my brother in law, and his family, Amanda, Alyssa, Caleb, and Cameron, didn't get to stay for long, but they did come out for a few minutes. Caleb and Alyssa got to stay and camp and swim with Neita and Rexie at the camp ground. Sunday night, almost everyone left, but Brent and I, stayed one more night camping, with Donnie and Uncle. So we let Alyssa and my cousin Josh stay with us. They had fun swimming for a few more hours and were out early! Here is a picture of their family.

Brent and I, we only get to go home once or twice a year, because of his schedule. It's okay, but it's make it really hard to make up for lost time when we get to see them, so this camping event was something for us to have some fun, but yet get the whole family together. I had a blast. I really wish my sister and her family could have came.....

We did alot of fishing, this weekend for camping for perfect! It only cost $5 for anyone over 18 years of age, for three days. That is fairly cheap. There was NO running water, other than the lake, haha.... but there was a port a potty. Which was surprisingly clean. Fishing was fun, tho we didnt' hardly catch anything more than a few dozen perch, and a few small bass that weren't worth keeping. Now that I think of it, I don't think I caught even that. Bummer... but anyways, we had a couple of really lucky guys that Saturday night.

Donnie caught a 8 lb catfish on the other side of the bay, that took him probably 30 minutes or more walking thru woods and brush to get to.

Monica, who I met for the first time this trip home, (she didn't come to the family xmas dinner.... hmmm mmmmm...) and two of her boys came camping. It was fun, too bad they couldnt' have came both nights, maybe next time. Anyways, her son, Steven caught a 7.1 catfish. It was so wild. He was so excited and ofcourse I was jealous, haha.. but it was a beauty and sure did taste yummy Sunday!!!!

Monica and I talk on the internet, via Yahoo Instant Messenger, like almost everyday. She's going thru some issues right now, that I think with me being there, we've grown closer. We talk about anything and everything and we've been talking for a year almost. Monica is Brent's first cousin, but we found each other thru my cousins(her friend) myspace page. I really enjoy talking to Monica, it's gotten to where if I get an IM, or a text, Brent will be like, "is that Monica" or "oh, you're talking to Monica, arent' you." Haha... I love it. Anyways, it was our first time meeting, strangely enough, we both have the same pink hoodie, which I did NOT take with me, darn it... that would have made a great photo. Anyways, we had my mom take a picture of us with my big Canon. Obviously she was looking thru the WRONG hole.

Thankfully, I checked the picture to make sure it came out good! I had to have her to 'retake' the picture and this time I instructed her on which hole to look thru while doing it. Haha.....

I have SO MANY more pictures I could share, but I won't share them here, I'm sure there is way too many, but if you're on my personal myspace page, feel free to go check them out!

I also attended one of my good friends, wedding Saturday, June 6th. I will post a blog for that soon!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


When you're camping, there isn't anything better than roasting hot dogs till they're black and bubbly, or melting marshmellows and making a smore, while having a fire going and having your family sitting around it. While we were camping, I played with my camera, didn't really play too long, only a few minutes, but I got one photo of the camp fire I love.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting it out...

Well, seems like we have alot going on right now, tho we don't really. Just feels like it. Currently we're trying to start a family, it's been 16-17 months officially, and it's not happened yet. We've started testing, etc and we're working on it. Just keep us in your thoughts. Hopefully it will happen soon. Getting old. LoL. Okay, so not too old, but we don't want to wait forever. We're also waiting to hear back about a couple of job advancements/changes. Brent is up for Chief and we should hear sometime by end of July if he's put it on. We're hoping that he does. If not, no big deal, but we're really hoping and wishing for it. He deserves it. A couple of months ago, Brent was hand selected to put in a package for a job position in Tennessee. Only three are chosen to put in a package for the one position, and he was one of them. We are really praying for this one. This would put us 3 hours from family and friends, rather than 14.5 hours. So we really hope for this one!!!!

We also have a trip coming up to see family, can't wait! We have camping, fishing, horse riding, a wedding to attend, and just plain visiting family. I can't wait! We only get to see them twice a year, living all the way out here. We dont' have alot going on really, but we do at the same time, alot of waiting it out..... haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My sister's family...

My sister and her family came up for a few days. I got them to get dressed up and to let me take photos of them! I have to say, only using natural lighting and an on camera flash, the turned out okay. I am happy with them....

Here is a few of my favorites of the album.






If you would like to see the rest of them, you should go to
I have an entire album there! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family fun....

I cant' believe, my sister and her husband, and two kids and my brother showed up Sunday and just left morning. (minus my brother who is stayin behind and riding home with us later) We had a good time. Sunday they got here, we did a walmart run and came home and just sat around. Monday we didn't do much, went to town and then I watched the baby while they ran to town for a minutes, but Tuesday Brent took off work and we went to VA Beach Aquarium and VA beach ocean front. We had a good time at the aquarium.

Here is a picture of my brother, sister and I. There isn't very many photos of the three of us, so this is a keeper. Haha...

Brent and I...

But we walked down the boardwalk at the ocean front and froze our butts off!!! We walked from where we parked, over a mile, to get to Dairy Queen just to get an ice cream. Which might I add, was twice the cost is, at any other DQ. But it was good. The walk was good. Me and my darn flips, ugh.. my feet are flop burned I think. Haha, All that speed walking was too much for rubber flip flops. We had to bundle up the babies, but it was nice. I enjoyed it.

We came home and grilled burgers and hot dogs, yum. They left this morning, I hated seeing them go. But they had to. They were suppose to visit family and make their rounds, back to our home state and spend the weekend camping with us, before going back home, but they're vacation seems to be cut short. They had a friend call and say their house had been broken into, so now alot of their stuff is gone, including any little bit of a 'security' feeling, in their new home. It's so sad. I hate it for them... I really hope that this is last of bad spells there, I'd hate for anything to happen to any of them. So keep them in your thoughts.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday is coming fast...

My family is coming and will be here sometime Sunday afternoon or Sunday night. We still have to clean house, I have not been very motivated, not sure why, just been in a 'don't really want to do it' mode. But I guess I better get it done! It's 1:15 am here, and he's in there playing flight stimulator on the other computer and I've been searching houses, for sale, here and there. No.. not looking to buy another house, haha.. but just checking out what our options are, if we get the TN job and have to move, and such. Goodness, I hope for selling sake, market goes up and buyers come by. Crazy how much the sale prices fluctuate on similar properties, I just dont' want to be tied to a property for a year after moving away. Crazy. Anyways, just rambling thoughts of mine. Just thought I'd blog real quick, while I was thinking of it. Before my week gets so busy and I don't get on here!

Any Navy wives on here reading my blog, that are NOT a member of If you're already a member, sign up and tell them ~kRiStY~ sent you! We'd love you to have you there!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I last blogged. Wow, almost two weeks, I'm not very good at this. We've been staying busy getting last minute touch up stuff done to the house, my sister, brother in law and two nieces and my brother is coming up. They should be here Sunday, they plan on staying for a few days, and hopefully the weather is nice enough we can get a day of Busch Gardens in. That will be awesome! We only get visitors once a year, living 900 miles away from family and friends, it does get lonely, so I'm STOKED, the least to say. I'm hoping to get some pics of my niece(s). I'm just hoping we all have fun and enjoy our time together.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day holiday!

(Monica you are in my wishes/prayers, and I hope things get back to normal soon for you! Everyone, keep her in your thoughts.)-Thank you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Holy mackeral....

Ok.. so it's not a mackeral(spelling?) but it is a bass!!! We had been fishing for a few hours the other day when we'd decided to give up and go home, it was getting dark and we couldnt' see real good, so we were heading back to the boat ramp. My husband was tossing his reel out and reeling in.. and bam... !!!!

He caught a 20.5 inch and a few ounces shy of 5 lb, bass! Wow.. we've seen these suckers caught on tv and we know they exist, but niether of us, personally has ever caught one so huge. I am proud of him!!! Tho.. I want to know where mine is?


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cypress stumps...

Here in Virginia, you will find alot of cypress tree stumps. Beautiful actually, sticking out of the ground, some have just amazing shapes and holes and such. We went fishing this last Sunday, on the Nottoway River, in Virginia. I got several shots, but have one that sticks out to me most.


Summer time photography...

I don't get out much in the winter, quite frankly, I hate to be cold. That means, with summer time, I will be and about more often. Tho.. when we go fishing or biking, I won't be carrying my large camera around. You will probably see most of my work done in my Kodak EasyShare. If I drop it in the water, or it gets ran over by a car, it's not as much money lost.

We went fishing at Lake Airfield, Virginia, I think it was called. There is an old house there, I think it use to be a gas station and grocery store. It's empty now. It's falling apart. I got a couple of shots I like the other day and wanted to share.