Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday is coming fast...

My family is coming and will be here sometime Sunday afternoon or Sunday night. We still have to clean house, I have not been very motivated, not sure why, just been in a 'don't really want to do it' mode. But I guess I better get it done! It's 1:15 am here, and he's in there playing flight stimulator on the other computer and I've been searching houses, for sale, here and there. No.. not looking to buy another house, haha.. but just checking out what our options are, if we get the TN job and have to move, and such. Goodness, I hope for selling sake, market goes up and buyers come by. Crazy how much the sale prices fluctuate on similar properties, I just dont' want to be tied to a property for a year after moving away. Crazy. Anyways, just rambling thoughts of mine. Just thought I'd blog real quick, while I was thinking of it. Before my week gets so busy and I don't get on here!

Any Navy wives on here reading my blog, that are NOT a member of If you're already a member, sign up and tell them ~kRiStY~ sent you! We'd love you to have you there!!!!

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