Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting it out...

Well, seems like we have alot going on right now, tho we don't really. Just feels like it. Currently we're trying to start a family, it's been 16-17 months officially, and it's not happened yet. We've started testing, etc and we're working on it. Just keep us in your thoughts. Hopefully it will happen soon. Getting old. LoL. Okay, so not too old, but we don't want to wait forever. We're also waiting to hear back about a couple of job advancements/changes. Brent is up for Chief and we should hear sometime by end of July if he's put it on. We're hoping that he does. If not, no big deal, but we're really hoping and wishing for it. He deserves it. A couple of months ago, Brent was hand selected to put in a package for a job position in Tennessee. Only three are chosen to put in a package for the one position, and he was one of them. We are really praying for this one. This would put us 3 hours from family and friends, rather than 14.5 hours. So we really hope for this one!!!!

We also have a trip coming up to see family, can't wait! We have camping, fishing, horse riding, a wedding to attend, and just plain visiting family. I can't wait! We only get to see them twice a year, living all the way out here. We dont' have alot going on really, but we do at the same time, alot of waiting it out..... haha.

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