Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another let down...

Well, we found out today, that Brent did NOT get the Tennessee job. (Navy)
So that is another strike, not in our favor. And because he didn't get this billet, he is now going to miss out on more than just that. He had to pull his Officer package from the process, in order to even put a package in for this job. So there will be NO chance he will get Officer this year. That is a big bummer. We were hoping to get the job, so we would be only three hours from family, rather than fourteen hours. We were hoping to get to ride horses a couple of times a month, go camping thru the summer and fishing with family. But seems like, it will be just us two, for awhile. When it's time to pick orders, there isn't going to be anything remotely as close as the Tennessee job. We don't get to pick any more orders till January, and there are way too many variables, on what could be beneficial or what would be a waste of time. Each option we can think of, has it pros and cons, like any other thing. But it seems like the pros and cons are so far off, there isn't any balance. What to do...? We're not sure.... only time will tell. So, I guess it's "Hurry up and wait!" time again...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a bit sore...

Wow, we had softball practice last night, I went pretty much full strength, from about 5:45-8:00. I was tired but not too bad. I am feeling it this morning. Oh my gosh, haha... my neck and my back are really tight, especially when I get still for too long. My legs and arms aren't too bad, surprisingly, just my neck/back. I have issues with my back/neck alot, but I had alot of fun! We have games Friday night, back to back, we really need more practice, but we'll be okay. I'm excited.

I met two other Navy wives, and there was alot of people. I was afraid of being nervous and meeting new people and having to deal with the long drive. But it was great, better than I was imagining, for sure. And I am happy to know I'm not the worse one on the team! Yay, that makes me feel better... haha...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

It is my mother/father in law's 33rd Wedding Anniversary!!! Wow.... 33 great years, I hope they have many more!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just can't do it...

Well, I did really well Monday, got on the treadmill and did a mile in the morning and a mile in the afternoon. And Tuesday I got on there and did a mile and did a 3 mile bike ride. Wednesday I managed to get in a mile walk on the treadmill, but that is it, it was raining Wednesday afternoon. It's Thursday and I'm feeling really lazy today. So I am taking a break. We're suppose to have softball practice tomorrow night, but I'm sure with all the rain it'll be cancelled.... I'm so out of shape and out of practice, but can't wait to play!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bub is gone....

Well, my little brother is gone to boot camp. He left Sunday afternoon and got there a little after 11 pm last night. It's crazy. He signed up a year ago and his boot camp got delayed for his own stupid behavior/mistakes, but he's gone now. At last, he's on his way to being a better person and doing some great with his life. He is in Kentucky Army National Guard, and we're hoping he does okay and makes it thru boot camp. We all know he is strong enough, we just wish im the best luck and hope he does well.

I am use to him calling me like ten times a day, so this will be an adjustment for all of us, haha.... I just can't wait for his graduation in October, that will mean it completed it and made it thru and will be going to AIT school, and it means I get to go home and see my new horse, my mom's new horse, and hopefully get to work with mine a little bit.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Burley passed away...

I had a colt, named Burley, my mom rescued a few months ago, well, maybe more like 6 months ago. He was sick and very poor when we got him and we did our best to feed him and worm him and get him back to health, he was showing some promising progress for a while. We just knew he was going to make it and come out of this and be a great horse. Between all the rain and the dramatic heat and humidity, I guess it just all got to him. He was young, but had a great personality.

RIP Burley