Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bub is gone....

Well, my little brother is gone to boot camp. He left Sunday afternoon and got there a little after 11 pm last night. It's crazy. He signed up a year ago and his boot camp got delayed for his own stupid behavior/mistakes, but he's gone now. At last, he's on his way to being a better person and doing some great with his life. He is in Kentucky Army National Guard, and we're hoping he does okay and makes it thru boot camp. We all know he is strong enough, we just wish im the best luck and hope he does well.

I am use to him calling me like ten times a day, so this will be an adjustment for all of us, haha.... I just can't wait for his graduation in October, that will mean it completed it and made it thru and will be going to AIT school, and it means I get to go home and see my new horse, my mom's new horse, and hopefully get to work with mine a little bit.

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