Saturday, July 11, 2009

Black & white...

It's hard to get floral shots, that look good in black & white. Once in a while I get a shot that I like. I really need to get new flowers in my flower beds. Haha...


Here is another 'in color' shot.


Hopefully I will discover new things to photograph. The owner of the field next to us, come thru and cut down all his weeds, up next to the road, cleaning off the property line. That is where I got all of my berry, thorn, and odd bug shots. All of that is gone now. And we seem to have a 6 foot pet that likes to slither around and he's chased me a time or two and quite frankly, I don't care anything for him. We normally just see it in April/May time frame, once and that is it. But we see him a couple of times a week now. And I just don't like it. So needless to say, I don't walk around laying on the ground and taking photos anymore. I kind of stick close to the house. So.. for now, it's yellow floral shots. Haha..

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