Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ky Army National Guard

Well, my brother joined the Ky Army National Guard right at a year ago. He completed some schooling and got his GED and thankfully is finally getting to leave for boot camp. After alot of trouble and time, he's finally been given a date. He leaves soon, and will go thru boot camp and AIT, then will probably be doing some training with this group just in time to be deployed. He isn't sure yet, if he's going to get deployed, we'll know more later. He is doing boot camp in Ft. Leonardwood, MO. I plan on attending boot camp graduation tho Brent won't be able to make it. I plan on being there. Hopefully this will help him mature and do something with his life, rather than waste it away in "No Where, Kentucky". I'm just so happy he's finally going to get to do what he signed up for a year ago!

Keep him in your thoughts or prayers, which ever you believe. I just hope he does great and if he is deployed, that is makes it home safely!

On another note, we should know in a week or so, if Brent got Chief or not. I can't wait to find out, I hope this is his year! So much could open up for us this year, if he picks it up! Keep your fingers crossed... if he doesn't, it's not the end of the world, we'll be okay, but I'm hoping he gets it.

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