Tuesday, July 7, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Today was Michael Jackson's Memorial, at Staples Center. I know, everyone is getting a little tired of hearing this and hearing that, and that there are more people in the world that are deserving of a wonderful memorial. We have men and woman fighting for our country, that don't get recognized enough, and we have their so's and loved ones, that don't get enough credit. But with all that said, it's still gotta be said, Micheal Jackson, will be missed.

I grew up as a child, listening to him. I can remember being only a few years old and doing the moonwalk, across the concrete floor in my granny's cinder block house. I remember growing up, and being in middle school and dancing to "Beat it" with a broom. Needless to say, I was suppose to be cleaning house, not dancing around with a broom. I ended up breaking a light fixture. Scared I might get into trouble when my dad got home, I swapped my 'just fine' light fixture from my bedroom, with the 'broken shattered' one from the living room. I just knew, my dad would never notice. Well.. I was wrong.. I think it took a day or two, but he ended up figuring it out. He got onto me, but I didn't get into too much trouble. Surprisingly. Thankfully. There were times, when one of my friends would have a birthday slumber party, and we would do a "Thriller" night. We always had to watch Thriller. I have alot of good memories.

Michael's music is some of my favorite. I can admit, that growing up, and even now.. (yes I have some of his music), if no one is watching, and I'm feeling down, his music will lift me up and get me to dancing. So. With all that said, I was a bit upset to hear he had passed away. Life is life, people are going to pass, it's sad, but it's life. But he's the KING. (king of pop). But he's not ever suppose to die, he's suppose to live forever, and I think with his music, he will. He will always have a special place in my heart.

R.I.P Michael Jackson

(photo found: http://www.lahiguera.net/musicalia/artistas/michael_jackson/fotos/663/michael_jackson.jpg)

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