Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, as you know from an earlier blog, that we went home to KY and went camping for four days of it. I did not get one, NOT ONE bug bite the entire time. We walk around our yard here at home, in VA and stake up tomato plants and guess what? Yeah, you guessed right, probably, I have about 30 bites on each leg. And they itch like crazy! Goodness!!!!

We mowed and weed eaded the yard today, and then we headed out to go fishing. We fished a good 5 hours in the river, up and back down, and then we anchored out. Brent caught a few, small teeny tiny ones, that were NOT keepers, so we tossed them back and well, I didn't catch one thing. I did get a few bites(other than skeeter bites), just didn't hook anything. Bummer...


  1. Maybe you will catch that 'big one' next time ;) I think we are going to take the kids fishing this coming weekend while my folks are in town. They are anxious to learn how to fish :)

  2. yeh, Brent caught a 5 lb bass earlier in the year, I want to out due him!!! Ofcourse, haha... I hope you guys get to take the kids, they will love or hate it, hopefully they love it! It's a great sport/pass time!