Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still in waiting...

We are still waiting to hear about a couple of things, and I hope we get a great answer on both. Brent is still waiting to hear back on the military job in TN, but he thinks they're waiting to see if he makes Chief. Brent making Chief, is the second thing we're waiting on. I really hope he makes Chief. It will be good for him and his career in the Navy, tho... I am really hoping for the TN job to come thru. They may be waiting to see if he gets Chief, before telling him if he gets it or not. The TN job, would put us being three years at the most, but it would be three years, being only three hours from family! So, it's worth the move. I just hope we get it. It's a toss up, but he's got a great chance of getting it.... so, we are still in waiting. We should hear something about both things, by the end of July, or the next month.

The TN job, would be great for his career, it will open alot of doors in the future, and it's worth waiting for, but goodness, I hate to wait. I hate not knowing. I can't wait till we find out. Please keep us in your thoughts, and hopefully we'll get it.

Plus, we're still TTC, going on over a year and a half, officially. And nothing. So, keep us in your thoughts and wishes. I hope we get to start a family soon. If I could rub on some fertility statues, I would. Haha... ugh. Anyways, I was just on updating, while I am waiting for supper to cook. Meatloaf, cabbage, and maybe some fried green tomatoes. Yummy...


  1. It's funny that you mention a fertility statue... my hubby brought one home from his Navy travels. Soon after, well I think you know lol ;) I really hope that you guys get to start a family soon.

  2. Well, if I had one, I'd be rubbing it. Haha.. Thank you.. it's been officially 18 months now, but really longer than that. So hopefully it happens soon. Thanks :)