Monday, March 2, 2009

It's raining, a pouring...

... the old man's a snoring.

We've all heard that song at least once before. Maybe when we were younger.
It's rained here for the last three days. And I couldn't help but to play in it, for a second anyways. I took several pictures, with my Kodak EasyShare, I wasn't about to get out there in the rain, with my Canon. But this is the only one that was in focus, and that I liked.


It's snowing ouside now. It's the FIRST REAL snow we've had in Virginia, since moving here in May of 2006. So it's really cold outside and the roads are messy. It's not too bad, it's nothing like we get in Kentucky. But it's the first time it's snowed since we've been here. We have a few flurries here and there, where it might reach the ground and melt as soon as it hits. But this... is SNOW!!!


It's too cold for me, so those are as good as the pics get, the snow is just coming down like crazy. It's a pretty thick looking mess, so I don't wanna go walking around in it, trying to get pics, maybe after it stops. Haha...

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