Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A quick intro

Ok, just as a first blog here, I want to mention that I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now. I just haven't been motivated to do it yet. Thanks for a good friend and a cousin, sort of, I'm here!! Thanks Monica Jo. You should check out her blog!!! "A Creative Outlet" by Monica Jo.
I have a myspace page, if you would like to go and add me, it's "Kristy's Photography". I love photography and I've had a passion for it, since I can remember. You will find most of my photography that I want to share, there. I will over time add some to my blogs here. I hope you keep coming back to check them out!!!
My husband and I are happily married, living in Virginia. We dont' have any children yet, but we're currently TTC'ing. And hopefully it happens soon, niether one of us, is getting any younger. LoL.
We have two nieces and two nephews. My sister Laura, gave us a niece Dec. 5th, 2008. Her name is Cadence Willow Grace + last name. My husband's brother Justin has a daughter named Alyssa(born in 2000), and two boys named named Caleb(born 2005) and Cameron(born 2007). They are all a handful, but growing like weeds.
We have less than ten yrs left in the Navy and I can't wait for retirement. We are both so ready to move home and build a house and get some horses. I love to ride horses. It's so much fun. I have a horse. He's only 9 months old right now and he's a bit pooney, so we're working on getting him into shape. He's a bit stunted tho. I hope he grows!!! LoL. We're so excited, waiting for time to get here to move home ten yrs from now!!
Anyways, I'm stumped for now, I will have more blogs to come!!! I assure you!
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  1. Welcome to the wide world of Blogdom. aww, I'm honored that you thanked me...shucks.. I'm blushing. heehee.

    I am looking forward to reading your future posts and seeing all of you FABU photography.

    Keep on bloggin...Monica